The Rocky Mountain Bighorn is in our opinion, one of the most distinguished and respected of all big game animals. Sheep hunting takes us into the spectacular basins and peaks of the rocky mountain high country. This is typical “Bighorn” range that lends itself to intensive hunting using binoculars, spotting scopes and sheer determination. Much climbing and backpacking is involved and hunters should be physically prepared for hiking in the mountains.

There are two distinctly separate bands of sheep in our territory. It is common to see many sheep during your trip. We have consistently produced trophy quality rams in the 160 – 175 class range over the years. Bighorns in the 4-22 and 4-24 region are restricted to a full curl. As we are on a quota, we are limited to 2 – 3 hunters per year and these hunts book well in advance. Whether you are completing your slam or have just begun, we are one of only a handful of outfitters that can offer you a top quality Rocky Mountain Bighorn Hunt.


Sept. 9 – Sept. 20 12 day
Sept. 26 – Oct 7 12 day
Oct. 12– Oct. 23 12 day
12 day Give me a call


The Kootenay region of British Columbia hosts some of the best elk hunting available. We offer classic horseback hunts in an area that has consistently produced trophy class bulls. A 6 point restriction has been in place for many years and the effects are really paying off. Numbers have never been higher and the quality is second to none. Our bulls have magnificent, heavy racks, beautiful rich brown color, and range in the 280-330 class.

Our elk hunts can be physically demanding since the elk often frequent the sub alpine basins. Your backcountry and hunting skills will be put to the test during your stay with Rocky Mountain High. Pack horses are used extensively, however, hunters should be physically prepared for the challenges associated with hunting in the mountains. This hunt coincides with the rut, making bugling, an extremely exciting way to hunt this magnificent species. Our elk hunts run 8 days including 2 half days for packing in and out (7full days of hunting). Hunt includes mule and whitetail deer and black bear.

Aug. 31 – Sept. 6 7 day (Archery Only)
Sept. 9 – Sept. 16 8 day
Sept. 19 – Sept. 26 8 day
Sept. 29 – Oct. 6 8 day
Oct. 9 – Oct. 16 8 day
1×1 – 7 day (Archery) $6,500 US
1×1 – 8 day (includes blackbear, whitetail & muledeer) $7950 US


We are fortunate to have a substantial grizzly population in the Kootenay, and all indications show that the numbers continue to rise. These are interior grizzlies, which account for the beautiful silvertip hides and variations in color. These bears can square over eight feet, and are generally in excellent shape during the month of May.

All color phases of black bears inhabit these mountain ranges as well. Black, brown and blonde bears are quite common and a number of white and burgundy bears have also been seen by our hunters.

Our bear hunts are based out of the main ranch with spike camps used when hunting the higher elevations. Bears can often be found feeding on avalanche chutes, where a spot and stalk strategy is an effective method of hunting. Another option of hunting spring blackbear is using hounds to tree or bay the bears. This hunt can be very exciting! Drive the roads early in the morning, wait for the hounds to strike the scent of the bear and release the dogs. This hunt is probably my favorite of all and only guide clients that want to use dogs for blackbear. If you prefer to spot and stalk I have other guides that enjoy that.

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Grizzly – May 25 – June 3 10 day
Black Bear – May 15-19 5 day
June 7 – June 11 5 day
June 20 – 24 5 day

Grizzly 10 day $15,000 US
Black Bear 5 day $ 5000 US
*please note there is a 1 bear limit. 2nd bear can be taken for 1500 trophy fee. Hunt dates can be flexible to work with your schedule.


A wolf’s howl can be heard up to 10 miles away. They can sniff out their next meal from as far as four miles away, and can sprint up to forty miles per hour. Wolves’ innate abilities make them expert hunters, and one of the most elusive of all creatures.

Typically, we target wolves in the fall. Tags are offered to all hunters as an incidental species. Wolf populations although endangered in other areas, are thriving in South Eastern B.C. due to the abundance of prey. The game rich, Bull River is literally a smorgasbord of elk, deer and moose for the cunning and hungry wolves. Hunting and trapping help keep the numbers balanced.

We also offer this as a stand alone hunt in late winter and early spring. Baiting and howling allow a reasonable chance of harvesting one of these magnificent creatures. Wolves truly are beautiful animals and they make a most impressive trophy.

Jan. 20 – Mar. 1, (flexible) 5 day
5 day $5000 US


Hunting mountain goats in the upper Bull River drainages is a true Rocky Mountain hunting adventure. A series of high alpine basins make up the home range of a substantial and healthy goat population. It is common to look over twenty or thirty goats in a day. We generally use horses to access the different basins and from that point hiking is required as we focus on locating a good billy. The casual pace combined with magnificent scenery makes this hunt a very enjoyable experience. Our goats are on a quota and therefore are limited and are booked well in advance.

A goat combined with an elk or a moose is a hunt you may want to consider. We concentrate on trophy bull elk during early mornings and evenings, and look over the goats during the mid-day. Elk are in rut at this time and our success on both elk and goat is very high. A moose/goat combo would take place in later October, when the Billy’s are “haired out” and make a striking trophy. This is also a highly successful hunt. Combination hunters may also get opportunities to take trophy black bear, whitetail, or muledeer.

Sept 29-Oct 6

Oct 9-16

8 day
1×1 – 8 day $13.500 US



Merriam turkeys were successfully transplanted several years ago, in Southeastern B.C., and for the first time ever (1999 spring), the season was opened for hunting. Turkey hunting is probably the most under rated of all species. Calling a mature tom to within legal shotgun range is in some people’s opinion, the ultimate sport. Requirements are, as in hunting any other species; persistence, patience, and a good knowledge of the animal and its habitat. We have four permits for non-residents and offer 3 day hunts out of the main ranch.

Apr 20 – May 10
(flexible per client request)
3 day
1×1 – 3 day $1500.00 US


One of North America’s 29, moose is the largest member of the deer family, the Shiras Moose otherwise known as a Wyoming moose is the smallest of the moose subspecies and is indigenous to the Bull River area.

In late October, just after the rut season, the Shiras Moose begin to migrate towards their winter range, providing excellent hunting opportunities. This hunt typically takes place at our Northern most camp, the Blackfoot at about 6500’ elevation.

Although not a physical hunt, it is a game of “patience”. Sit, wait and watch. Moose are typically creatures of habit and they frequent their feeding “holes” in a predictable manner. The trick is finding the holes. The moose populations are conservatively managed and are healthy across the Kootenay Region. . Mature Shiras bulls range from 44”-50”.

Oct. 19-26 8 day
1×1 – 8 day $7,500 US


In late October the deer begin to migrate towards their traditional rutting ranges. They tend to concentrate in more accessible areas, allowing hunters the opportunity to look over some fine, heavy horned racks. During the rut, normally elusive bucks become more aggressive and remain active throughout the day. Opportunities to take trophy bucks increase dramatically at this time of year.

Whitetails can generally be hunted at lower elevations, but one must still expect to climb for a mule deer. These hunts are based out of the main ranch with spike camps used to hunt the higher elevations.

Nov. 10 – Nov. 15 (Muledeer) 6 day
Nov. 16 – Nov. 21 (Whitetail) 6 day
Nov. 24– Nov. 29, 2005 (Whitetail) 6 day
Dec. 1 – Dec. 6 (Archery) 6 day
Dec. 8 – Dec. 13 (Archery) 6 day
Dec. 15 – Dec. 20 (Archery)
(flexible per client request)
Whitetail and Muledeer $5000


With the abundance of ungulates that are available in the Kootenays, there is little trouble sustaining a healthy cougar population. Book cats are taken on a regular basis from this area. We have a high success rate hunting cougars during the winter when their size can be determined by the track. Baying hounds in full pursuit of North America’s largest cat, makes this predator hunt one of the most thrilling.

These big cats are one of the most efficient predators in the wild and make an impressive trophy. Taking a few cougars each year helps to keep a healthy balance in our wildlife populations.




Dec. 1 – Dec. 7 7 day
Dec. 12 – Dec. 18 7 day
Jan. 4 – Jan. 10 7 day

1×1 – 7 day (Bobcat $2500 Trophy Fee; Lynx $3500 Trophy Fee ) $8,500 US
1×1 – 7 day (lynx/bobcat) $5,500 US
1×1 – 10 day (Predator Hunt*) $11,000 US
*on this unique hunt enjoy the challenge of hunting all three indigenous cats of this area cougar, lynx and bobcat. Please contact us for date information on this hunt.