Location & Accommodations


Our accommodations include two main camps, the Blackfoot, and North Fork, consisting of comfortable cabin style bunks, cookhouses, and showering facilities. The bunks are of simple 2×4 construction, and we stock foamies and pillows, in camp. The cookhouses are equipped with full kitchens including propane stoves, wood stoves, propane fridges, and running water. The showers we usually start up every few days, run on propane fired, instant hot water, and are a great luxury after a long day of hunting.

There are also three spike camps, Alpine, Bull Mountain, and Cliff lake, all strategically located throughout the guiding territory. All spike camps are also comfortable log cabins located in pristine settings.

Each of our main camps is limited to four hunters, with one hunter per guide unless otherwise arranged. Marty will designate you to a certain camp, depending on your physical ability, number of hunters in your party, and of course your requests. A full time cook is provided in the two main camps.

Access to all of our camps is restricted, during the hunting season, from motorized vehicles, meaning that we use horses extensively, not only to conduct the hunts but to access the camps. All supplies and gear are packed in via horseback thus the need to limit the number of bags per hunter. You can expect a 1-2 hour drive by pick-up truck to the corrals followed by a 1-3 hour horseback trip, depending on which camp you will be staying.


We are located in the South East corner of British Columbia, about a 1.5 hour drive from the Alberta border and 1 hour from the US/Montana border. Our guiding territory is located in the Bull River, Region 4, management units 4-22 and 4-24. Our area covers almost 570 square miles of the most spectacular terrain in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. The area is long and narrow, starting at the dam and extending all the way to the summit, allowing us to hunt year round.